Who is the Greatest rapper of this generation: K Dot or King Cole

Who do you think is the Greatest rapper this of this generation : Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole?

J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar both are lyrical geniuses, so fans are hopeful the Rap Gods will someday do a collaboration and bless the public someday Although both of them are collaborative friends, hip-hop heads have been talking about who’s the Greatest rapper this generation of the two for quite a while now.

Some say Kendrick’s “DAMN” cements him as one of the greatest of all time. Although, fans argue  J.Cole’s gift as a storyteller makes him the greatest rapper alive.

 Let’s find out who is the Best – 

The greatest rapper of the generation – Kendrick, and Cole both respect each other as artists (lyricists and emcees)

Kendrick and Cole’s respect for each other might come from their similar background and from how much they have in common. They are socially conscious rappers, both are truly great lyricists, both were motivated by Rap Gods like Tupac, and both have inspired and connected with younger generations by spitting poetry and rhymes.

This is a surly tough call—WE WILL SETTLE THIS DEBATE. Who will be in history as this generation’s greatest artist?


Greatest rapper this generation
Kendrick Lamar
  1. Kendrick’s popularity and acclaim and fam grew with each subsequent album. The genius lyricist released his fourth studio album, “DAMN,” to critical acclaim and commercial success, which resulted in his highest first-week revenue and sales ever. But many fans still call his,  “To Pimp a Butterfly,” his magnum opus.
  1. “To Pimp a Butterfly” took a few Grammys with it, but not the Album of the Year. (A hard and expected loss as the Grammys still struggle to honor hip-hop/rap music in the major, non-genre categories. This is not fair)
  1. Kendrick Lamar knew something, we all didn’t when he released ‘The Heart Part 4’ in March. – “My position is solidified if you ask me,” he raps, with absolute unshakeable confidence behind his words.
  1. Kdots rhymes and lyrics are smooth and affect the audience. We all can admit we love Kendrick. He delivers an Impacting flow. Kendrick isn’t just a great storyteller, his voice and lyrics are impactful and motivates to be mindful and take action and respond to what’s happening in the world around them. Kendrick’s unapologetic, confident, and revolutionary lyrics translate into anthems. He paints real-life pictures and scenarios.
  2. Though he’s been criticized (like several other rappers) about the misogynoir in his songs, Still, K-dot musically highlights the Black community’s resilience in the face of struggle.



Greatest rapper this generation
J. Cole
  1. Cole has been killing the game for quite some time, but he proved he owned the dam industry with “2014 Forest Hills Drive.” (The album went double platinum with no features) The album takes you on a personal journey. His songs are very relatable—often times tackling real social issues from his perspective and through other opinions
  1. Cole delivers a crazy smooth flow that clearly lays out a narrative, to the point one can visualize it (or his rhymes and poetry simply take you there).
  1. Cole has made a conscious effort not to focus on fame or popularity. He’s been focused on family; his art is secondary.
  1. He continues to use his personal life experiences and the general Black experience as the groundwork for his music.
  1. Cole won’t even make any future diss tracks because he feels rap beef are not for the unity of the game. To many, he holds the title of greatest rapper alive.

Do you love Kendrick Lamar or J. Cole? Comment your CHOICE

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