How MEMES of Social Media Affect your lives.

Social Media directly affects our brains, minds, and body. MEMES are the most significant factor in the online world these days. Weekly Express has conducted research to find out How MEMES of Social Media Affect your lives. Let’s Have a look – 

New memes are constantly and regularly emerging in today’s society, especially among the younger public.

Both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton tried to use memes marketing to swing votes in their favor. PM Modi of India used MEME usage heavenly to finish the opposition

Controversial and confusing memes caused Harvard to rescind the admissions of some students. 

But what exactly is a meme?

“Meme” is a neologism coined by famous ethologist and evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins. He first introduced the term in his book The Selfish Gene to elaborate upon “self-reproducing ideas” that are transmitted in a non-genetic fashion. How MEMES of Social Media

Examples of memes, in the traditional sense, can be found in culture, religion, and ideologies.

These Memes are studied through memetics, which branches off into fields such as memetic engineering. The famous Memes, both in the traditional definition and in the modern definition, significantly impact society. 

MEMES changes the perception of a person

Watching memes change the thought process of a person. The person gets influenced by the MEME without even knowing it. Surely that is dangerous. 

Wastes Time – A person thinks he is very busy and engaged, whereas he is absolutely doing nothing. 

Why do MEMES matter?

Memes serve many purposes and functions, but at a fundamental level, they serve as an expression of people’s opinions and emotions. Memes can be formed by appropriating scenes or lines from TV shows and movies, which are then taken out of context, remixed with other content, and have new meanings attributed to them in a funny and relatable manner. How MEMES of Social Media content can range from complaining about the hardships of being a college student to expressing embarrassment felt during an encounter in a person’s daily life – something that everyone is able to sympathize with.


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