5 Things to do in Vancouver, BC

Principle things to do in Vancouver during the summer of 2023. You will come across the best beaches, restaurants, hikes in this article below.  It does not matter what you decide, you will Definitely have fun in Vancouver after reading this blog. tThese are the the top 5 things you should do this 2023 –

5 things to do in vancouver in 2023

Stanley Park –

It is long and beautiful ………………

Granville Islands –

Beautiful island with nature and beauty…………….

Downtown Vancouver –

Restarunts, food, shopping and nighclubs to explore

Rogers Arena –

Dont miss to go to a concert in Rogers Ariana with fans screaming and enjoying

Beaches –

Sunset, English Bay, Kitsilano and Second beach are the top in the lists of beaches. You can rent bokes from the shore for $19/day. Thee price is very tourist friendly and everyone should exloree this. 5 things to do in vancouver in 2023. If you want to explore more about the beaches in Vancouver do check out The City of Vancouver Page

  1. Picnics

  2. Games

  3. Relax/ Suntan

  4. Drinks

  5. Sunsets

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