7 Ways To Increase Your Sales During This IPL Season

The IPL season is about to begin and the excitement surrounding it is unmatched. The league has grown into more than just a cricket match and is celebrated as a festival across the country. Started in 2008, the IPL series is known to bring families and friends together and is a way for people to have happy times 7 ways increase sales.

While so much is happening during the season, did you know that you can not only enjoy the games, but you can also increase your earnings?

Shopify, a leading e-commerce company, has shared some of the ideas that can help you increase the profits of your pre-existing online business on the site during this IPL season.

1. Print-On Demand Range

Print on demand

Suppose you sell a product online that cannot be tailored on different occasions and could incur costs that will be difficult to recover, in this case you can customize products based on demand. From t-shirts, wallets and other accessories, there are many products that can fall into this category.

This will help you control cost and avoid disposables after the season is over. Print-on-demand also helps customers choose what they want, helping you earn more.

2. Live The Cricket Theme

For people who have offline stores, they can be seen decorating their store with T-shirts and posters to give it the IPL feel. For online stores, people decorate their official websites with special temporary themes that highlight IPL’s exclusive discounts and offers.

3. Have A Special IPL Sale

Jio cricket Plans

IPL, like any other festival in the country, brings with it numerous sales and offers on the purchase of various products. Whether in online or offline stores, merchants or network providers, everyone takes full advantage of the opportunity and runs a sale or special offers to attract more customers.

You can share your sale updates on your social media account and drive as much engagement as possible.

4. IPL Product Bundles

Shopify suggests that during IPL season, you can take advantage of this opportunity and group the best-selling product with the least popular and sell them at a discount or offer to ensure effective sales.

5. Re-engage your previous customers


Since existing customers have a higher conversion rate, it’s always a good idea to tap into that pool during special events. If you have a special offer and IPL-ready offers, you can send a promotional email or SMS to your existing customers’ numbers. Regarding your previous purchase and also with information on new products.

6. Collaborate With Influencers


Social media Influencer have become the fastest and most effective mode of marketing for many brands. As people spend more time on social media platforms, the database offers a large number of leads. Local influencers can be contacted during IPL season to spread the word about your company and its products.

7. Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing

Of course, the social media market is all the rage nowadays, however, traditional forms of marketing like print, television, and radio can never go out of date. These marketing modes are still very important and can be very useful for your Shopify business during this IPL season.

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