FaceApp challenge: Here’s how celebrities look at old age

At this time and age, nobody is really new to the face filters that are there on Snapchat and Instagram. From being converted into a baby to having a taste of what you would look like if you would have been born as the opposite sex, FaceApp challenge is all over the place.

The face filters have allowed us to do all. However, the latest filter that has caught on and become a sensation is the face filter that makes you look old.

T he app, FaceApp allows people to transform and see what they would look like when they grow old. The app was originally launched in 2017 and became viral after it was made more user-friendly.

For the filter to work you have to put in an image of yourself in the app and then experiment with the filters.

The app allows you to try on different hairstyles, gives you an idea of how you might look when you will have a beard and also puts a smile on your face even when you are not smiling apart from making you look elderly.

Social media is full of people trying the face filter. Varun Dhawan and Arjun Kapoor were the first celebrities to try on the filter. Fans of various Bollywood celebrities and cricketers are applying the viral filter on the faces of their favorite celebrities.

The young Bollywood actor, Varun Dhawan has always been enthusiastic. The energy level never went down with the FaceApp challenge as well. The actor took to Instagram to share two pictures of him with the filter on and said, “70 years of reebokXvarundhawan P.s I didn’t stop training. A lot of people feel this is the way @anilskapoor will look when he’s 100 (SIC).”
While Sallu bhai did not post a picture of him, the FaceApp page on Instagram created an image out of one of the pictures posted by the actor four days ago stating, “Life used to be black-and-white, yes or no, truth or lies, it was crystal clear now perhaps it’s grey, it’s maybe. Who the hell cares, is that true? Hope not for god’s sake. Long live morals and principles and ethics.”
Deepika Padukone’s fan club on Instagram couldn’t resist themselves from experimenting FaceApp with their beloved actress’ face. The original picture was taken from one of the actress’ post on Instagram on World Environment day. Doesn’t she look stunning?
Anushka Sharma looked beautiful in her white attire and spectacles. The FaceApp Instagram page added a few years to her picture and she still looked elegant.
Hrithik Roshan was not left out of the challenge as well. The FaceApp must have changed the entire look of the actor, but his handsomeness cannot be stolen. Wearing a denim shirt in the picture, the actor still looked young.
Well, well, well, for the final one. The recently married couple and one of Bollywood’s favourite pair looks brilliant in their wedding attire, but slightly aged. So, this is how they would have looked in their wedding pictures if they married later in life.

The Indian cricket team is also not behind.

Spider man, Tom Holland also ages gracefully.


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