Is social media a blessing or a bane for our education?

Social media is standout amongst the best ways for individuals to associate and speak with others from around the world. However, it is not simple to answer the question as to whether social media is a blessing or a bane for the education system.

Students can find custom research paper service, or buy a custom research paper at different services by means of social sites, which makes social media and education to have a positive relationship.

Advantages Of Social Media

  • Provides Information

Learning in this advanced time is somewhat complex. Students are looking for data from whatever medium accessible to ensure they fulfill their academic needs. However, not all students have resources where they can find all the necessary information. The usage of social media in education yet guarantees that students experience mind-boggling benefits of social media for society.

Moreover, unlike when using books and other learning materials, where students can directly read/find more information on the topic they desire without having to peruse through several pages. They can also connect with other students from other colleges who are studying the same course and form an online college where they share what they learned from respective universities. Therefore, social media assures students that whatever would have taken time to learn through real schools is simplified and can be accessed within a short period on such platforms.

  • Assignment Assistance

Unlike the traditional days where students had to put in their efforts to succeed or progress to the next academic stage, it provides access to a professional writer whose main job is to offer assistance in any assignment field. Through such platforms, a student can conveniently buy a research paper, which they can submit to the lecturers and eliminate the hustle of writing it off their shoulders. Additionally, it has other platforms that are ideal for gauging plagiarism in any content and other content watch tools.

With the power of social media, students can form groups where they tutor others regardless of where they come from. In other words, if a student has expertise in a particular subject, he can start a group where other students can come together for professional assistance in their homework and school work too. Therefore, it will be easy for one to connect on communication sites and find something new to boost their academic performance.

Additionally, since paying for education at a college is somewhat expensive especially for those with limited funds, social media makes it easy for them to access education without having to spend money in school and other academic resources. This guarantees that education should be free for everyone since digital technology has all it takes for one to learn and graduate in any profession and be competent without going through the usual system.

However, even with all the right side of technology there are also side effects of social media on society that cannot be assumed into thin air.

  • Cyber-Bullying

This is as bad as any other bullying to students. Unlike physical harassment in playgroups, cyberbullying affects a person’s confidence in all dimensions. It makes it difficult to relate with others whether physically or on other platforms. If one becomes a victim of bullying, getting over it is somewhat, and it can easily stimulate the effects of depression.

  • Addiction

Another common effect of social media is an addiction, which happens through extensive uses. If one is always busy chatting, liking pictures and making new friends on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and other networks, addiction will gradually start to grow. Therefore, instead of focusing on the critical side of it or utilizing your time for other productive activities, you will always feel the need to communicate with others continuously.

In other words, your addiction top social connection will eventually result as the primary source of your time lost. While connected to online Media, spending the whole day there is quite easy. However, even with all the positive response that one receives through these mediums, time wastage will cost them pretty much in regards to the professional path they strive to build.

  • Cyber-Crime

Today as technology keeps growing and obtaining great limits, so does crime activities. Instead of people stealing from others physically or breaking into their homes, thieves have changed their tactics, and they now focus on imposing huge threats. Cybercrime can go to the extent of skimming credit cards, identity theft, scamming, and fraud to name a few. There are also chances of a security breach, which can raise national or international alarms.

Is It A Blessing Or A Bane To Education?

Answering these question may not have a straight one-on-one answer. However, it all depends on a person’s preference and how they spend their time around social media. If you are consistent in finding appropriate material, that will support your academics. Then social media might serve as a blessing. However, if you take more time on social networks and bypass doing the essential things, then you are likely to parse it as a curse as it will consume your time, which you would have used for other profitable adventures.

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