Meet the ‘Madhubala of TikTok’ Who Has Taken Social Media by Storm

The video sharing app, TikTok is a goldmine, as far versatility in terms of content is concerned. All you have to do is scroll through the countless videos and you never know what you might end up discovering. Meet the ‘Madhubala of TikTok’ Who Has Taken Social Media by Storm. The app has indeed given amateur actors and performers across the country a platform to experiment with their talents.

Remember the time we discovered Salman Khan’s lookalike on TikTok? Now, we have another one. We found legendary actor Madhubala’s lookalike too on the app. Yes, you heard that right. A woman named Priyanka Kandwal has earned quite a name for herself as the Madhubala of Tiktok and you have to admit, she does look a lot like the celebrated actress.

Check out one of her videos in which she imitates Madhubala with uncanny accuracy:

Here are some of her other videos in which Kandwal can be seen performing to Madhubala’s songs:

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