Some pearls of wisdom by an insane scientist that will charge you to conquer the world

Nikola Tesla is widely deemed as one of the greatest scientists in the history of mankind. A born-genius, Tesla made our life easy by inventing the first model of the alternating current system. His inventions like the celebrated Tesla coil, the AC engine, and work in the field of wireless lighting, radio and x-rays have been groundbreaking. Akin to most of the geniuses, Tesla was not without his eccentricities and suffered from extreme obsessive-compulsive tendencies.

We at Weekly Express bring you some pearls of wisdom by the man that will charge you to conquer the world.

1. Persistence is the key to success.

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2. Most geniuses like to be left alone.

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3. Humans need new toys every day.

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4. Two cents on the experience.

5. The most iconic words from the genius.

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6. Wisdom on patience.

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7. Self-introspection is necessary.

8. Reality is subjective.

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9. What’s your vibe today?

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10. The connection between insanity and genius.

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