WATCH: Journalist Stands In Neck-Deep Water To Report On Flood

Live reporting might sound like an exciting job, but it has its own challenges. Reporters are expected to go to any extent to cover a story, even if it sometimes means putting themselves at risk.

In a video that has now gone viral, a Pakistani anchor from G-TV News can be seen standing in neck-deep water while speaking about the flood situation in the country. Nothing but his head and the tip of his mic can be seen in the video.

The reporter, who seems unfazed, speaks about how the agricultural lands in the Punjab region have become submerged owing to the increasing levels of the Sind river.

G-TV News shared the video on their YouTube channel with the headline, “Pakistani Reporter in Flood Water, risk his life in danger to perform his duties.” The reporter has been identified as Azadar Hussain.

You can also watch the video here:

The video received mixed reactions from the netizens; while some hailed the reporter for his courage, some claimed that a reporter should not have to risk his or her life just for the sake of a story.
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