What is the first rule to DATE Sara Ali Khan? The Simmba actress reveals

Sara Ali Khan has been a constant buzz in the media nowadays. While Sara won hearts when she appeared on ‘Koffee With Karan 6′ with father Saif Ali Khan, her recent interview in Famously Filmfare season 2 has been grabbing everyone’s’ attention. The actress has disclosed a number of revelations including her last and only boyfriend and her latest love interest.

“I find Kartik Aaryan cute. Me finding him cute is a very one-on-one thing, means me and me. How does it matter if he finds some other person who’s name starts with A, cute. That’s good for him and her,” – Sara revealed during the interview.


Another revelation made by the Simmba actress was about her first and only boyfriend, Veer Pahariya, the grandson of former Union minister Sushil Kumar Shinde.

“He’s the only one I have dated. I have had no other boyfriends in my life. He did not break my heart… My heart has not been broken. It is all good, I promise,” Sara said during the interview.


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