Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Must Know About Yourself

Psychologists and neuroscientists always look to discover interesting facts about the brain. Some of these revelations have significant implications for your manifestation potential! Here’s the science behind 5 awe-inspiring psychological facts, alongside explanations of how you can utilize these facts to your benefit when working with the Law of Attraction.

1. Psychological Facts: You Have “Inattention Blindness”

Inattention blindness is the phenomenon whereby individuals regularly miss important changes in their visual field. This is exactly why you’re not always mindful of significant things that are actually right in front of you.

So, even if you think it should be obvious if you’ve met your soulmate (for example), the truth is that you might not even have noticed this person’s first appearance on the scene!

7 Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts About Yourself You Didn’t Know

The image above is just one of many instances of how your eyes and brain can fool you. At first glance, did you see a man standing sideways or did you see a partial frontal shot? You had to relook to see a different version of the image, didn’t you?

2. Psychological Facts: You Read Faster With A Longer Line Length But Prefer Shorter

Research demonstrates that if you want to read faster, 100 characters for every line is the ideal length. However, you will actually prefer reading a shorter length of 45-72 characters per line.

3. Psychological Facts: You Can Only Remember 3-4 Things At A Time

Even though you can ponder 10 things at once, all the latest studies on human memory and information processing show that you can actually just recall 3-4.

Knowing this fact about how your brain works, don’t waste your time by trying to focus on a dozen things at once.

Image result for mobile number

For example:- What do you do when someone gives you a phone number to remember (or even an address that has fewer numbers in it)? You keep repeating it to yourself until you find a pen to write it down. This is a natural reaction of our brain.

4. Psychological Facts: You Can’t Actually Multi-Task

If you’re over passionate to achieve your dream, there are chances that you try to carry out many assignments at once!

Multi-tasking can feel like a super-productive way to work, but findings published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that we can only attend a single event at any one time.

So, you’ll be best at using the Law of Attraction to your advantage if you choose one aspect of your dream to pursue at any given moment. Try not to split your attention.

5. Psychological Facts: You Reconstruct Your Memories

Neuroscientists and psychologists working on the nature of memory have shown that our memories aren’t like movie clips that we access repeatedly. Instead, they’re nerve pathways that fire anew every single time we recall an event, which means they can change.

When working with the Law of Attraction, what this means is that there’s no need to focus on the negative events from the past. You can actively choose to change the way you see a memory, rather than accepting that its meaning and associated feelings are set in stone.

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