An Oxford Professor Claims Aliens Are Secretly Living On Earth And Breeding With Humans

Aliens are a popular part of science fiction. We may believe that we will find intelligent life out there one day but some believe aliens are already sharing the earth with us.

Young-hae Chi is a Korean Oxford lecturer who’s just written a book. IIts title translates to ‘Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity’. And in it, he proposes a particularly wild theory about aliens.

He believes that we are surrounded by aliens and they are breeding with us to save us from destruction.

In an interview with The Oxford Student, Chi shared some of the major points from his book. One of them is that he believes aliens actually live among us, secretly, and they’re trying to stop the humiliation of our species owing to climate change by breeding with our kind.

In his theory, he said that aliens’ interbreeding could produce alien-human hybrids capable of surviving and adapting to the dire climate conditions we’ll face if we don’t stop global warming. Either that or they’re making smarter babies that could go on to be future problem solvers or world leaders.

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Unfortunately, Chi didn’t provide any evidence to back his claims, which probably indicates his book doesn’t either. So despite him being part of an eminent academia, this theory falls in the conspiracy theory realm, along with lizard people, the Illuminati, and a lot more.

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