Tips to overcome the maths phobia and board exam stress

Maths phobia is a very common problem distressing the student community. The fear of the subject worsens during the time of examinations particularly when it is added to board exam stress as students get confused while trying to memorise the various formulae and theorems at the last minute.

Sometimes, parents as well as relatives unintentionally pass on their fear of the subject to the children, saying that maths requires an extraordinary level of intelligence.

All these factors add to create fear for the subject. However, it should be understood that a little creativeness and regular practice can go a long way to get rid of the maths phobia and board exam stress.

Here are some of the tips to overcome it:

1.Acknowledge the phobia

The first step to conquer the maths phobia is to accept that you have it. Once this realisation develops, it is easier to take steps that will help lighten any stress or panic caused by the subject.

2. Try breathing exercises

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Since maths can cause anxiety and panic, breathing exercises can prove to be helpful as it calm the mind. A calm mind is very vital for tasks that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

3. Practice maths daily

The saying “practice makes you perfect” holds completely true for maths. It is a subject that requires relentless practice to gain expertise. Frequent practice also helps in understanding the complications of the subject.

4. Apply maths in real life

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Applying maths into everyday activities will help you in a great way. Fear of the subject will gradually fade away once you understand that maths is everywhere.

5. Raise questions

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A student should never be afraid to raise questions during the maths class. Asking questions will help to clear doubts while delaying this process can have adverse effects on the understanding of the subject.

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