Benefits of a good night sleep

A lack of good night sleep can make you cranky the next day. And over time, skimping on sleep can mess up more than just your morning mood. Studies reveal getting quality sleep on a regular basis can help improve all sorts of issues, from your blood sugar to your workouts.
In this article, Weekly Express has listed out a number of benefits of good night sleep.

1. Sharper Brain

When you are getting less sleep, you’ll probably have trouble holding onto and recalling events. That’s because sleep plays a big part in both learning and memory. Moreover, it’s tough to focus and take in new information without enough sleep.

A good night sleep allows your brain to catch up things quickly.

2. Mood Boost

Another thing that your brain does when you sleep is process your emotions. Your mind needs this time in order to recognize and react the right way. When you trim that down, you tend to have more negative emotional reactions and fewer positive ones.

Continuous lack of sleep can also raise the chance of having a mood disorder. One extensive study revealed that when you have insomnia, you’re five times more likely to develop depression, and your odds of anxiety or panic disorders are even greater.

Quality sleep helps you hit the reset button on a bad day and improve your outlook on life.

3. Healthier Heart

While you sleep, your blood pressure goes down, giving your heart and blood vessels a bit of a rest. The less sleep you get, the longer your blood pressure stays up during a 24-hour cycle. High blood pressure can lead to heart disease, including stroke.

Short-term downtime can have long-term payoffs.

Good Night Sleep

4. Steadier Blood Sugar

During the deep, slow-wave part of your sleep cycle, the amount of glucose in your blood drops. Not enough time in this deepest stage means you don’t get that break to allow a reset — like leaving the volume turned up. Your body will have a harder time responding to your cells’ needs and blood sugar levels.

Allow yourself to reach and remain in this deep sleep, and you’re less likely to get type 2 diabetes.

5. Germ Fighting

To help you ward off illnesses, your immune system identifies harmful bacteria and viruses in your body and destroys them. Ongoing lack of sleep changes the way your immune cells work. They may not attack as quickly, and you could get sick more often.

Good nightly rest now can help you avoid that tired, worn-out feeling, as well as spending days in bed as your body tries to recover.

6. Weight Control

When you’re well-rested, you’re less hungry. Lack of sleep messes with the hormones in your brain — leptin and ghrelin — that control appetite.

With those out of balance, your resistance to the temptation of unhealthy foods goes way down. And when you’re tired, you’re less likely to want to get up and move your body. Together, it’s a recipe for putting on pounds.

The time you spend in bed goes hand-in-hand with the time you spend at the table and at the gym to help you manage your weight.

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