Biggest Pot-Smoking States of the World

The 10 Biggest Pot-Smoking States of the World; Delhi Ranks 3rd, Mumbai 6th

In 2019, Delhiites consumed 40.3 tons of weed, the third-highest for any city in the world, according to a study. Mumbaikars were not far behind, as the city consumed 32.4 tons of cannabis and was ranked sixth among 122 cities for which the data was available. New York topped the chart with consumption of 77.8 tons while Karachi came second with 43 tons.

Delhi Weed Consumption

10- Toronto, Canada – Toronto consumed 22.75 metric tons of marijuana last year.

Delhi high on weed ranks third on the world’s largest cannabis consumer list.

9- Moscow, Russia – Weed is relatively expensive in Moscow at $11.84 per gram.

8- Chicago, United States – Chicago is one of the three US cities that made it to the top 10. The city consumed 24.54 metric tons of cannabis in 2018.

Nex in the Biggest Pot-Smoking States of the World is –

7- London, United Kingdom – Cannabis consumption is illegal in London. It could generate a staggering $237 million in annual taxes by legalizing marijuana consumption and taxing it at the same rate as cigarettes.

6- Mumbai, India – India’s financial capital is leaving close to $90 million a year on the table by not legalizing and taxing weed consumption.

Top 10 Weed Consuming Cities in the World

5- Cairo, Egypt – The capital of Egypt consumed 32.59 metric tons of cannabis last year, even though it’s ridiculously expensive at $16.15 per gram.

4- Los Angeles, United States – Cannabis consumption has been legalized in the state of California. Los Angeles has 156 headshops and 46 grow shops, according to ABCD.

Delhi Weed Consumption

3- New Delhi, India – New Delhi is one of the world’s cheapest places to buy weed. It costs $4.38 per gram in New Delhi.

2- Karachi, Pakistan – Cannabis consumption is illegal in Pakistan. But, according to a UN survey, it’s the most consumed drug in the country with more than four million users. The largest city of Pakistan consumed 41.95 metric tons of marijuana last year.

Read More – Top 10 cities with the highest weed consumption in the world1- New York City, United States – New York has the highest weed consumption of any city in the world at 77.44 metric tons.

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